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Build the best scheme for your employees.

Reward & retain your team with an EMI Options Scheme.

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Supporting the UK's best startups

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Build & motivate your team

EMI Options will allow you to build a scalable team that has a vested interest in the long-term success of the company.


new candidates

The EMI Option Scheme is a fantastic employment benefit that can turn the heads of high-value candidates.

Retain & motivate


With an EMI Scheme in place, your team will inherit a additional motivation to contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Optimise cashflow

Early-stage businesses have to be conscious of spending. EMI Share Options allow your company to compete with corporations offering higher salaries, without matching them financially.

How do EMI Option Schemes work?

The EMI Share Option initiative is a tax-advantaged scheme designed to help smaller companies build a motivated team. 




An EMI Option Scheme offers employees the right to acquire shares in the company they work for, on terms set out in an option agreement.

Speak with our EMI experts to find out more:

Lower the price of your EMI options
with our HMRC compliant valuation report.


EMI Valuation

£1,750 + VAT

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What's included?

     Comprehensive Valuation report for EMI HMRC application

     Complete and file all documentation required to HMRC

     Liaise with any questions from HMRC on behalf of the client

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How do we work?

     Our tailored EMI valuations optimise your Share Options
     by securing the lowest possible HMRC valuation.


To submit a EMI Option Scheme application, HMRC require a comprehensive EMI Valuation report to support the value of options.

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