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Business Valuations
with Jump Accounting.

Secure a personalised, comprehensive business valuation from our experienced Chartered Accountants. We're one of the only accounting practices to provide startups with the valuations needed to help them grow and scale.

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Why obtain a business valuation?

Valuations are required at many stages of the business lifecycle. Determining the value of your business can give you the confidence you need to plan for the future and map out your growth roadmap.


Approaching a raise

Potential investors will want to be presented with an up-to-date business valuation to provide evidence of your company's economic value.


Company acquisition

Valuations are required in the process of one company purchasing a portion or the entirety of another company.


Shareholder exit

Founders, Co-Founders or Shareholders may wish to leave a business. This will require a valuation to determine the value of their respective shareholding upon exit.

Why valuate your business
with Jump Accounting?

valuation specialists.

With Jump Accounting, you'll receive a personalised, professional valuation from an highly-experienced team specialists.

Gain the perspective of Chartered Accountants.

Our Chartered Accountants hold the relevant qualifications to ensure your business valuation reflects the perspective of experts.

We understand high-growth startups & SMEs.

We're one of the only startup-focused Accounting practices that offers business valuations. We're experienced in helping startups and SMEs achieve significant growth.

Valuaton Pricing
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Affordable Pricing.
Business Valuations.

At Jump Accounting, our team of Chartered Accountants specialise in startups and SMEs. Our personalised business valuation service offers a comprehensive breakdown of your business' economic value, from the perspective of an expert. 

Business Valuation Service

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From £750
excludes VAT

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Initial Consultation with Chartered Accountant
Gather historical financial information & KPIs
Prepare financial forecasts along with client management

Use multiple valuation methods to arrive at final valuation

Final client review and valuation completion

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